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Heroes and House Elves

17 Feb

I’ve long harboured a desire to re-fight the Battle of Hogwarts in the comfort of my own dining room…

There are no off-the-shelf ready made Harry Potter miniatures but that is not necessarily a bad thing. We have managed to assemble or create a fair few suitable models over the past few years.

Some of them are here:


houselvesHouse Elf Liberation Front- these are Games Workshop Snotlings- a mixture of plastic and metal models. No conversion needed except to paint them flesh rather than snot green!

dumbledores army


Dumbledores Army!

From the left- Fred (or George), Luna, George (or Fred), Neville, Harry, Ron, Ginny, Hermione.

Fred and George are ‘O’ scale schoolboys- model railway figures I picked up in a shop a while ago- no idea of the manufacturer.

Harry and Ron are themselves- plastic figures from a small HP tie-in game. Neville, I think, was also originally a Ron figure from a similar source.

Luna’s body is that of an Irregular Miniatures woman police officer. The head is from a Heroclix figure.

Ginny was originally a Ground Zero Games female vampire slayer- ie a Buffy and Hermione was a GZG FBI agent- ie Dana from the X-Files. Being small 25mm adults they make good 28mm teen witches.




Kids from the green stuff

10 Feb

Considering how many fantasy books have children as their protagonists, it is surprising how few suitable miniatures there are on the market.

Looking for figures to use for the children in the Narnia books, the Dark Materials trilogy, any of Alan Garner or Lloyd Alexander or Susan Cooper’s works and you could be in difficulty.

So, I decided to try to do a few of my own. These are the ‘greens’ – works in progress for Susan and Colin from the Weirdstone of Brisingamen.

Both are made from Ebob halfling armatures.

I’ll post another pic when I get them painted.


Beast Quest series 3- TUSK

10 Feb

Tusk, the mighty mammoth, an Early Learning Centre mammoth re-painted (with gold tusks), demolishes a few trees as he ramoages through the forest.


Beast Quest series two- CLAW and ARACHNID

10 Feb

In their natural habitat.

Claw, a giant golden monkey with a claw on his tail, beats his chest at Tom and Elenna.


Arachnid, king of the spiders, does likewise. (He is a cheap soft plastic spider on a cork coaster base)


Festive fun!

10 Feb

father xmasThis is a Father Christmas model we made a while ago. The sleigh is made from a large seedpod found in a bowl of pot pourri! The runners are coffee stirrers. Presents are made of Fimo or Milliput.

It took years of scouring boot sales to assemble eight plastic reindeer!

And FC himself was originally a plastic chauffeur from a toy car.

It comes out every year for our ever changing and expanding Xmas table display.

The snowmen were made in two batches, a couple of years apart- one lot in Fimo one lot in cheap epoxy putty from Poundland. However, the one at the front is a plastic figure from a set of tacky Xmas earrings.


The Owl Service

10 Feb

Owls are very useful in fantasy games- from Harry Potter to Narnia (9 minutes 20- he’s a hoot!).

Ours were scratchbuilt from Milliput with wings coming from the oversized headgear of a plastic Dwarf.

We then made a mould from silicone rubber and cast a few in white metal…


Looking forward to the new OZ film…

10 Feb

Oz the Great And Powerful- here’s the trailer:

Plenty of scope for gaming and modelling.

We have some Eureka Miniatures Winged Monkey’s on order but here are some of our own creations (you may recognise the monkeys from the Tumbling Monkeys game!)

monkeys (2)