Heroes and House Elves

17 Feb

I’ve long harboured a desire to re-fight the Battle of Hogwarts in the comfort of my own dining room…

There are no off-the-shelf ready made Harry Potter miniatures but that is not necessarily a bad thing. We have managed to assemble or create a fair few suitable models over the past few years.

Some of them are here:


houselvesHouse Elf Liberation Front- these are Games Workshop Snotlings- a mixture of plastic and metal models. No conversion needed except to paint them flesh rather than snot green!

dumbledores army


Dumbledores Army!

From the left- Fred (or George), Luna, George (or Fred), Neville, Harry, Ron, Ginny, Hermione.

Fred and George are ‘O’ scale schoolboys- model railway figures I picked up in a shop a while ago- no idea of the manufacturer.

Harry and Ron are themselves- plastic figures from a small HP tie-in game. Neville, I think, was also originally a Ron figure from a similar source.

Luna’s body is that of an Irregular Miniatures woman police officer. The head is from a Heroclix figure.

Ginny was originally a Ground Zero Games female vampire slayer- ie a Buffy and Hermione was a GZG FBI agent- ie Dana from the X-Files. Being small 25mm adults they make good 28mm teen witches.




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