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Cream of Tartar

3 Mar

I’ve been planning a game based on the Golden Compass film for quite a while, and now I have my Tartars for the climactic battle scene…


OK, they are not exactly as in the film but they are near enough for us. The figures are 28mm Napoleonic French Imperial Guards from Wargames Foundry. I bought two packs (16 figures) which were being sold off cheap via their Ebay outlet.

They are based on 38mm white plastic discs which are actually the backs of badges. The wolf or dog daemons are Twilight Creations Zombie Dogs. These are quite cheap and you get 100 to a bag. Very useful in so many ways.


Being astute, you’ll notice only 15 figures pictured. One came with a severed head so I have kept him behind and may conduct experiments on him to see if I can come up with a passable resemblance to a Winkie Guard…winkj


A nice little haul…

3 Mar

The Car Boot Sale season isn’t yet in full swing but I did manage to pick up a few nice items this morning:

First up, a copy of the Harry Potter Chamber of Secrets trivia game. This comes with 8 plastic figures riding broomsticks, three balls with wings (useful for making winged monkeys amongst other things!) and an 8 sided dice. Not bad for a quid.



I also managed to track down a copy of the Cluedo game with painted miniatures. Here they are:


Ten figures- they are approximately 40mm in height. I am thinking about converting the three women on the left to be ‘Golden Compass’ witches. The rest may well be used as parents or Hogwarts tutors in a Harry Potter battlegame. Watch this space.


Here we have a cactus and a Gormiti figure. The nice chap (Polish, I think) wanted to give these to us for free but i gave him 20p in the end!

And finally, a box of 25mm modern soldiers for 50p. They have separate bases and are articulated at the waist (they separate into two halves). The poses are a bit weird but I think they may make suitable conversion fodder or be a good source of arms, legs and heads!


Armoured Bears

10 Feb

A couple of simple conversions of plastic bears- paint white, add milliput armour, job done!


Inspired by Philip Pullman, of course. Not for the squeamish: